Come and experience my art. When you find the one that inspires you just check out our shop. Most paintings can be made in to custom sized prints using Giclee printing on Canvas. Giclee prints are the finest form of graphic reproductions available today. The prints on canvas are coated so they will not fade from light sources, can not be destroyed by water damage, and are scratch proof. Giclee prints are considered museum quality reproductions. For a custom size inquiry simply contact me.

Come see us at festivals around Idaho. Simply leave your e-mail and we will send out an e-mail letting you know when we will be in your area. We will also let you know when we have sales or new items. 

Thank you for joining me on my crazy journey in to discovering my art. 

I gladly accept commissions and special projects as well!



About Cyndi

Cyndi Blue is an emerging artist and known for her bold brush strokes and striking colors. With an ability to paint in many different styles and using topics that many can connect to her art holds something for everyone. She has received many honors including being the artist in residence at Hat Ranch Winery and painting a mural at the Gem Center for the Arts.

Her creativity was released through a violent car accident where she sustained a brain injury. She found hope during her darkest hours and wishes to share this hope with others. For Cyndi art is therapeutic, grounding, and healing.